Is this the ultimate flex?

    Russian social media influencer Real Blogger Life has posted a video on YouTube showing how they strapped a Rolls-Royce Ghost to the roof of a Hummer H2 SUT and drove it around to get attention.

    This video comes after another Russian social media influencer drove a Toyota LandCruiser with a Mercedes-Maybach S-Class on its roof.

    Unlike the latter video, we get to see how the ultra-luxury Rolls-Royce sedan was mounted on the roof of the Hummer H2.

    The influencer used a large crane on the back of a truck to hoist the Ghost onto the roof of the Hummer which had a homemade wooden roof rack on it.

    There were ratchet straps wrapped around the Ghost’s front wheels and attached to the Hummer’s bull bar, as well as ratchet straps around the rear wheels that were attached to the Hummer’s rear recovery points.

    It’s worth noting the Hummer H2 is not meant to have almost 2.5 tonnes of car strapped to the roof while stationary, let alone when driving around.

    Throughout the video the influencer can be seen sitting in the Rolls-Royce Ghost as it’s being driven around on top of the Hummer H2 at low speeds with the hazard lights on.

    They even take the roof-mounted Rolls-Royce Ghost to a fuel station to fill it up.

    There really seemed to be no reason for the Rolls-Royce Ghost to be mounted on top of the Hummer H2 apart from social media views, as well as to get the attention of onlookers. Many people stopped and stared or pulled their phone out to take a photo or video.

    Replicating any of this Russian social media influencers actions on Australian public roads is illegal and will see you incur a considerable amount of fines.

    Dev Singh

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